Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Silently Fading...

On August 3rd, 2008, around 11:59 P.M., my beautiful grandmother had passed peacefully, in her sleep from the tumor that took over her brain. She was my best friend; we talked of everything. My favorite memories of my younger years are helping her pluck the puny pine cones from the rock garden and place them in that white pale. She made the best tuna sandwiches, always taking the time to ask if I wanted my bread toasted or not. Oh! And the chocolate milk-she made killer chocolate milk. I find it strange that she used only Nestle chocolate powder, and nothing more. As of this day, I try and try to make it the same-it's almost as if it is impossible. I will never ever forget the way Grammy giggled at the fact that I like to eat my Spaghettio's cold. Then, of course, there were those days that we would march around the house with permanent grins resting upon our faces as we would sing "You Are My Sunshine" at the top of our lungs. Grandpa, peeking around the newspaper, would complain how we were "distracting" him. And yet, we continued along with our screeching. Before you knew it, all three of us could not stop laughing. These memories I will never forget. I wrote this poem about the bold memories that I was able to share with her before her time came. I hope you enjoy!

Silently Fading

I ventured my way through that dark wooden door as you greeted me with cheer,
You offer me cookies; We chat and read books; From heart-to-heart we adhere.

We'd sprint to the swings every once in a while, your eyes would meet mine,
We choked back our chuckles with smiles, Grandpa's grin stretching a mile.

He sits back, watching us play; pondering the woman I'll become someday,
We sing and dance and pretend we can fly, and observe all clouds in the sky.

In puffy clouds we search for figures, Pooh Bear and Piglet and even Tigger.
Laying on the greenest grass blades, there in the silence our energy fades.

Hurrying slowly we stroll towards the house, not saying a word - quiet as a mouse.
All tuckered out, I mosey inside, I grab a book and lay at her side.

She reads in a soft, lulling song, I knew quite directly that this is where I belong.
Embraced in her warm arms, she brushed back my hair - never a worry nor a care.

I remember so clear, she pulled up a blankey to my face it was near.
I now snuggle so deep - yawning and dreaming and falling into deep sleep.

Now, light snuck into the sky, peeking around the mountain as if it were shy.
Grammy made me some waffles and chocolate milk too, her hand was hiding a white tissue.

I knew that something hadn't seemed right, I felt distraught and somewhat affright.
I said not a word. Hoping and wishing that my thoughts were absurd.

Later I found, the truth was revealed, my thoughts were true, her life was at yield.
Darkness overcame us as we stood there. Cancer at her doorstep, life isn't fair.

I miss her dearly, my best friend is gone. How hard it is to cope with it and move on.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

What a Beautiful Soul

I was simply browsing my inventory of mixed pictures; some taken my myself, and others that I have found online. I found this one online--I just
adore it:) Oh, how it made my day!